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Plato Ceases Production
Plato has ceased production as of December 17, 2018.
Plato: the Best Research Management Tool
PLATO is not the philosopher himself, but perhaps his digital incarnation? It's a thinking tool disguised a database management system. Or the other way around, if you like. It's an information manager and research assistant, and it's designed for writers, academic and government researchers, and anyone else who needs to manage and cross reference a lot of information, such as
  • intellectual works-in-progress
  • boatloads of contract requirements
  • libraries or other complex inventories
  • research programs
  • survey results
Naturally, it can manage more modest stores of information too, such as butterfly collections, home video collections, and recipes.

A slightly more technical overview...
Some of Plato's Features
Research Tools: Unlimited, customizable classification schemes; powerful bookmark features; ad-hoc study lists; concordance; multi-dimensional cluster analysis; much more

Document generation: Generate documents on demand using scripts and markup--spreadsheets, HTML, RTF, TeX/LaTeX, XML

Rich data representation: Customizable metadata, rich-text note fields, graphics display

Cross referencing: Bi-directional cross references and easy, flexible navigation of links

Customizable import scripts: Import from email files, databases, spreadsheets; prepare custom importers for nearly any sort of file

More features here...
Plato's Main Screen
Here's a picture of a portion of Plato's main screen. Click on it for a larger view.
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