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Bugs and Working Issues
This page will keep a running list of the known bugs and working issues in Plato. Each entry starts with a brief description of the bug or issue, followed by the date it was discovered, its severity, and the status of ongoing work. A longer description follows the other entries.

Statuses are as follows:
  • 01 Severe: program crashes and unsaved data may be lost
  • 02 Serious: data may beome corrupted; program operation may become unstable
  • 03 Worrisome: no instability seems to result, but is probably more serious than it looks
  • 04 Dysfunctional: routine does not function as intended
  • 05 Functional: routine does not function as intended in a relatively minor way
  • 06 Performance: performance is poor or unacceptable
  • 07 Annoying: no danger of data loss, but user interface behaves strangely
  • 08 Design Limitation: current program design limits desired functionality
  • 09 Coding Elegance: coding works but is difficult to maintain
  • 10 Cosmetic: poor user interface design element; ugly or confusing
Current List of Issues
Here are the current issues as of January 18, 2015, listed in descending order of severity.
cross references corrupted when transferred between databases 02 Serious Under Investigation, 2015.01.10
This only occurs when a new database is created and no records have yet been added to it, and records are transferred to it from another database. Double cross references are created--one in the parent child relation and one in the child-parent relation.
Re-implement context sensitive help 04 Dysfunctional Resolved but Not Fixed, 2015.01.18
Context sensitive help is currently keyed to pages in an Adobe Acrobat file that is no longer implemented. Help topics need to be re-keyed to web pages.
enable xref functions for list of all xrefs 04 Dysfunctional Resolved but Not Fixed, 2015.01.18
xref editing functions are currently disabled for the list of all xrefs, although the controls are visible on the screen. The functions need to be completed and keyed to the appropriate controls.

need utility to trim empty bookmarks from list 05 Functional Resolved but Not Fixed, 2010.05.20
When a record is deleted, it may leave bookmarks stranded. This either needs to be handled when a record is deleted (delete the bookmarks too), or through a utility which detects stranded bookmarks and deletes them.
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