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An Important Note to Norton Security Users

Plato contains no viruses, trojan horses, or malware. It is submitted to VirusTotal before release and checked. Here is the most recent report. Note that Symantec (Norton's parent company) has given Plato a clean bill of health. In addition, Plato is digitally signed by Comodo to ensure that any copy of it you download has come unaltered from Zorbasoft.

However, in ther past I've learned that Norton Security has been flagging Plato as a threat and deleting it before it can be installed. Norton issues a terse, scary notice that it has discovered a "threat;" if you look at the details, the threat is WS.Reputation.1 (or sometimes Suspicious.Insight), which at first glance look like viruses or malware. Norton does not offer the option of running the Plato installer; it simply deletes it. (Plato can still be installed, but you will have to remove it from Norton's quarantine. Please see your Norton Security documentation for instructions on how to do this.)

I have no idea how many potential Plato users have been rudely turned away in this manner with the impression that Plato is infected with viruses or malware. They simply mean that Norton Security has assigned Plato a bad reputation because Norton has little or no record of its use. Naturally--Plato is a new application still in beta, and Norton would not have heard of it.

While Plato poses no threat from viruses or malware, Norton Security poses a serious threat to small, independent software developers. Here are just a few of the horror stories:

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