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The Plato full installation download is a trial good for 90 days. For the 90 day trail period, Plato is fully functional, with the exception of occasional nag screens (which I hope we've kept to a minimum).

If you are a Norton Security user, please read this important note before downloading Plato files.
Full installation
The latest full installation includes all files necessary to install and run Plato, including executables, resource files, and setting files.

Plato full installation (version 1.1, build 5, dated 5/2/2017)
Latest Build
If you've already installed Plato, you may install the latest build by itself, however be aware that the latest build will not function unless Plato has first been installed using the 'full installation' download, above.

The latest build is packaged in a zip archive with 'plato.exe' (the executable) and '' (the resource file). ALWAYS UPDATE THEM BOTH.

PLATO.EXE and PLATO_RES.NEW (version 1.1, build 5, dated 5/2/2017)

Instructions for installing the latest build:
  • "plato.exe" goes in the plato executables directory (usually c:\Program Files (x86)\Zorbasoft\Plato). Simply copy the new file over the old or, to be on the safe side, rename the old executable "plato_old.exe" (or whatever you wish) before copying the new file to the executable directory.
  • "" goes in the data directory (usually c:\users\[your user name]\My documents\plato). Don't change the extension of this file. Plato will detect the 'new' extension and automatically prepare it for use as follows:

    • Back up the old resource file by renaming it ('plato_res.txt' to 'plato_res.txt.bak').
    • Delete the existing binary resource file ('plato_res.mem').
    • Rename the new resource file ('' to 'plato_res.txt').
    • Assemble the new binary resource file ('plato_res.mem').
Purchasing Plato
Plato is $99.50 US per license. The license allows Plato to be used on up the three different computers. When you purchase a license, you will receive a license key via email which will allow you to convert your trial version of Plato to a licensed version. Please visit the purchase page to obtain a license.
Sample Databases
There are no sample databases at present.
Terms and Conditions
Please read ZorbaSoft's terms of use.
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